The electronic Consent Form in Clinical Research Apps

The technology advances have led the emergence of new ways for collecting data in clinical research. An example of this is the ResearchKit Framework from Apple which facilitates the process in the design of new applications used in clinical research, including the consent form.

"muPentacam" Function. Correcting Pentacam chord-mu for conventional notation

This function corrects the Kappa or chord-mu obtained from Pentacam in order to move the center of coordinates to the pupil center instead of the vertex normal. Furthermore, it corrects the differences of sign from right and left eyes in order to combine both eyes in the same plot.

"meanA" Function. Statistics in the astigmatism analysis with the Alpins method.

This function computes the mean (standard deviation) and the median (interquartile range) from an array of astigmatism values containing the Magnitude and Direction. The mean computed without considering the axis, only describes information about the magnitude of astigmatism but not about the type of astigmatism (with-the-rule, WTR; against-the-rule, ATR; oblique). For considering not only the magnitude but also the orientation a previous decomposition in the orthogonal X and Y components over a double angle plot figure is required. Then, inferential statistics can be applied considering these orthogonal components.

"cumulativeVA" function. Cumulative visual acuity in Laser and Cataract Surgery

This function computes the mean (standard deviation) and the median (interquartile range) of a matrix that contains visual acuity results from laser refractive surgery or cataract surgery with intraocular lenses. Computes the standard plot for the Journal of Refractive Surgery in order to report the Efficacy results of the procedure.