Applications for the measurement of the visual performance in the Optometry and Ophthalmology practice

Variable Contrast Optotypes

App for measuring the Visual Acuity and Contrast Sensitivity with dynamic Charts at multiple distances and for Normal or Low Vision Patients. DOCUMENTATION This App is not available for Android due to the great variations in luminance properties between different…

Contrast Sensitivity Function

ClinicCSF is an application developed for measuring the Contrast Sensitivity Function. The application has been validated by means of two research studies that have demonstrated its validity and reproducibility. DOCUMENTATION This App is not available for Android due to the…

Stereopsis at Near and Distance

StereoTAB allows for the measurement of stereopsis at far, intermediate and near distances. Red/Cyand or Red/Green anaglyph eyeglasses are required with the red filter in the left eye. Available for Smartphones and Tablets although we recommend to use a tablet…

Visual Acuity in Amblyopia

Reliable and reproducible app for measuring the Visual Acuity. It is based on the standards proposed by the Amblyopia Treatment Study (ATS) from the Pediatric Eye Disease Group (PEDIG) DOCUMENTATION