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Visual Acuity in Amblyopia

Reliable and reproducible app for measuring the Visual Acuity. It is based on the standards proposed by the Amblyopia Treatment Study (ATS) from the Pediatric Eye Disease Group (PEDIG)


  • Visual acuity measurement at 0.40m, 1m, 2m, 3m or 4m.
  • Automated procedure according to the standards from the Amblyopia Treatment Study of PEDIG.
  • Three possible optotypes: HOTV (standard from the ATS), Landolt or Snellen.
  • Crowding effect included.
  • Use your smartphone to control the test at distance.
  • Automated calibration with independence of the device and the possibility to check and change the points per pixel of your device to avoid errors.


  • Use your smartphone for remote controlling of the App installed in a tablet.


How to connet the smartphone with a tablet?