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Stereopsis at Near and Distance

StereoTAB allows for the measurement of stereopsis at far, intermediate and near distances. Red/Cyand or Red/Green anaglyph eyeglasses are required with the red filter in the left eye. Available for Smartphones and Tablets although we recommend to use a tablet for profiting all the app possibilities.


  • Screening Stereopsis from 0.5m to 3m in 0.50m steps.
  • Finest Procedure at distance to achieve lower stereoacuity than screening procedure.
  • Three levels of responsiveness with Screening Procedure.
  • Two patterns with square dots or smooth dots.
  • Use your smartphone to control the procedure answers.


  • Screening stereopsis at 0.50m
  • Use your smartphone as remote control for Tablet app.


How to connet the smartphone with a tablet?