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Contrast Sensitivity Function

ClinicCSF is an application developed for measuring the Contrast Sensitivity Function. The application has been validated by means of two research studies that have demonstrated its validity and reproducibility.
AmblyopiaVA - Manuel Rodriguez Vallejo

This App is not available for Android due to the great variations in luminance properties between different tablets. The App has been validated with a 3rd generation iPad but not for iPad mini devices. 


  • Sinusoidal Grattings as stimulus.
  • 4 spatial frequencies (3,6,12,18 c.p.d).
  • Sound Feedback after pressing a button.
  • Comparison of results with normal age ranges.
  • A Fixation Mask to recognize where the stimulus is included to make easy its localization on the screen by the patient.
  • Results showed on a Figure with normal values for different ages.
  • Stimulus generated after calibration with Spyder4Elite on IPad 2 and IPad Retina.