A Matlab toolbox for the analysis of refractive results in anterior segment surgery

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Refractive Analysis is a Toolbox for MATLAB in order to conduct common operations related to anterior segment surgery or graphical representations according to the standards of peer review journals.



Astigmatism analysis is based on vector arithmetic. The current standard method in Ophthalmology practice is the Alpins method1 whereas in Optometry practice is more common to use the Thibos method.2 In the practice, both methods result in similar outputs.


The efficacy of a procedure is marked by Postoperative Visual Acuity WITHOUT Correction compared to preoperative WITH correction in a laser refractive surgery procedures3 whereas in cataract surgery4 Efficacy is reported as a function of the comparison of postoperative visual acuities with and without correction.


The predictability of the procedure describes the accuracy for obtaining the target spherical equivalent refraction.


This graph is required for all studies to show the distribution of manifest refractive cylinder before and after surgery. However, because of the unreliability of the preoperative manifest refraction in the presence of a cataract, only the postoperative data are necessary for a cataract population.

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Version 1.0.0
    • Astigmatism analysis inclusion.
    • Function "meanA" added.
    • Function "doublePlot" added.
    • Efficacy inclusion for cataract and laser refractive surgery.
    • Function "cumulativeVA" added.
    • Function "differenceVA" added.
    • Function "spheEquiv" added.
    • Function "postCylinder" added.